civil engineering

  1. garrytaylor

    What career prospects exist for newly graduated civil engineers?

    Hello guys, I'm a college student who wants to pursue a career in civil engineering, but I'm not really sure which field to pick. Please advise me on the field I should choose.
  2. garrytaylor

    Having trouble designing and analyzing SAP2000 structures

    Good day, guys! I am a civil engineering student, and I have been working on a SAP2000 Structure Design and Analysis project, however I'm having some issues. Please advise me on how to analyse that project and where I can do flawless structure design.
  3. garrytaylor

    Can you assist me with railway p way engineering?

    Good day, everyone! I am a civil engineering student studying railway p way engineering, however, I am having trouble grasping the concept. Can I experiment with different online courses? I was hoping you could assist me in providing the finest concept.
  4. garrytaylor

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello everyone! This Garry from Gurukul of Civil Engineers. Looking forward to interact with you all and hoping to learn a few things as well. Cheers :)
  5. A

    A new mobile app to measure the concrete slump

    I have a new study for an app which measure the concrete workability (Slump) of the fresh concrete, it's honour to me when I see your comments about my attempt, please see the attached link to see the draft
  6. riyarathi

    Career in civil engineering

    Basic Requirement of A Successful Civil Engineer? Anyone knows about best online civil engineering training centre in Pune ?
  7. BhavishR

    Top bar reinforcements are to be cut from existing ground beam in hangar.

    Hello everyone I am new to this site. I was hoping to get some answers on this new project I am working on as a trainee engineer. CONTEXT The works include cutting new 100 mm deep rainwater channels across the floor, to drain rainwater from hangar rails to main discharge channel 5 meters away...
  8. T

    200 questions and answers of all civil engineering works

    The files contains questions and answers from various fields such as bridge engineering, road construction, residential construction projects.
  9. shubhamce2014

    Why are fire detection and alarm systems required?

    Hi! Please find attached PPT regarding Why are fire detection and alarm systems required? 1. Detect fire in the areas. 2. Notify building occupants to take evasive action to escape the dangers of a hostile fire. 3. Summon organized assistance to initiate or assist in fire control activities...
  10. shubhamce2014


    Dear Friends, I am attaching herewith soft copy of BBS For Retaining Wall (Excel Sheet) to estimate the reinforcement calculation. It gives you complete idea on how to calculate reinforement. It contains all types of Bar Shape with their formulas. I hope You will Like it. Thanks Shubham CE2014
  11. shubhamce2014

    Preparation of Estimate for Civil Works

    Preparation of Estimate for Civil Works I am attaching herewith presentation on Preparation of Estimate for Civil Works, such as Buildings, roads, footpath, drains and culverts etc. It gives you complete idea on how to prepare estimate. It contains example estimates for said works. i hope You...