1. garrytaylor

    Why are the fundamental components of all bridges the same?

    Hello everyone, Why do all bridges share a same foundation design? Either way, they have only that one arch or are entirely horizontal and flat.
  2. F

    Embankment flow net and heave

    I'm trying to calculate the piping FoS and heave from a flow net. I've attached the below but it was a quick sketch just to lay it out (please ignore scales/accuracy etc. - I did this for the purpose of this question). There's no sheet pile or toe in the embankment, though the embankment will...

    Design of two way slab as per IS 456 excel sheet

    Hey guys i have made a excel sheet for design of two way slab i was wondering if you guys could check it out a feedback from your end would be appreciated a lot. use this excel sheet in pc and also enable macro. thanks
  4. Dhaval Thanki

    Anyone have slab scafolding design for building project ?

    Anyone have slab scafolding/shuttering design for building project ?
  5. shubhamce2014

    Beam Design and Drawing of RCC Structures

    Beam Design and Drawing of RCC Structures 1. Introduction 2. Simply supported rectangular beams 3. Continuous rectangular beams 4. Cantilever rectangular beams 5. Flanged beams