1. shubhamce2014

    Types of Estimates

    Dear All, Please find enclosed attached file regarding Types of Estimates. Thank You
  2. shubhamce2014

    Preparation of Estimate for Civil Works

    Preparation of Estimate for Civil Works I am attaching herewith presentation on Preparation of Estimate for Civil Works, such as Buildings, roads, footpath, drains and culverts etc. It gives you complete idea on how to prepare estimate. It contains example estimates for said works. i hope You...
  3. R

    Question Need steel structure sample drawing and estimation

    Dear sir,can anyone give me a sample drawing of steel structure and it's sample estimation on excel sheet..itz urgent.. please help me.
  4. Srinivasan

    Cost estimation format

    hi all in continuation with my earlier posting regarding the cost estimation find enclosed herewith one more format explaining the summary format for your knowledge pls