1. Galang Setiawan

    Hi I'm Galang Setiawan

    structural engineering
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    Hello fellow engineers!! I'm Aqeel from Udaipur, Rajasthan. I'm a structural engineer with a master's degree, i have my own consultancy...53rd Design & Drafting based in Udaipur. I have keen interest in research on beam column joints in RCC frames and hybrid structures. I am sure of increasing...

    Step by step procedure of analysis and design of building using ETABS

    Hai good morning to all, I would like to share this file for education point of view, who really want to know about etabs software, this will help you to understand the basic terminology and technical concept on ETABS software. if you have further questions ask me here. Happy skill learn to all...
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    Checks for etabs or staad pro models

    Mostly all structural designer prefer analysing building on etabs and staad pro software. But softwares don't check for deflection or story drift so we have to check for deflection manually. What are the different checks according to codes for which model should be checked?