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green building

  1. archdevil

    brief note on green building materials

    what is meant by green building Some common issues that they all take into consideration are: • Construction techniques • Waste reduction/recycling through construction phase • The indoor environment and its use of environmental products • Water-efficient processes • Renewable energy options •...
  2. Srinivasan

    Green Building overview of concept

    OUT LINE What is Green Building? Why is Green Building Important? Three aspects of new project planning Obstacles Support for Green Building? WHAT IS GREEN BUILDING? EPA definition: “Green or sustainable building is the practice of creating healthier and more resource-efficient models of...
  3. Srinivasan

    India Green Building: What Standards and Codes Exist for Building Materials?

    Question: Srini asks: I would like to know about the standards and the code of references which are accepted for the following green building materials used in India in the green building construction: 1) Green roof 2) Any other Water proofing material which is being extensively used in India...