quality control

  1. amardeep1982

    Amardeep Singh QA QC Manager

    hi This is Amardeep Singh Sohal QA QC manager Regards
  2. rameshchandrapatel

    Cutting methodology of rebars

    On one of my project's structural member, the Site Engineer In charge cut the rebar with gas torch cutter. The Quality manager immediately ordered the work to be stopped and issued NCR. What is the reason that rebars need to be cut with a rebar cutting machine and not gas torch cutter ? Need...
  3. Srinivasan

    Quality Control and Testing Procedures Guidelines

    Quality Control and Testing Procedures Guidelines The basic objectives of these guidelines are as under a) To provide set or working principles to the field engineers b) To explain the criteria and procedures to be adopted in the implementation of the project. c) To enumerate the duties, power...