quantity surveying

  1. waliaankit94

    Reconciliation Statement of Cement and Cement Coefficient derivation as per DSR

    What is Cement Reconciliation? Construction works compromising cement as a constituent requires cement consumption coefficients for estimation of theoretical quantities. The theoretical cement consumption quantity is then tallied with the quantity received at site to reconcile the consumption of...
  2. Md Sufiyan Ali

    Billing of the quantity of the work

    I want to know more about billing of the quantity, please answer in detail, if possible attach some of the example
  3. madhavapadiyar

    Quantity Surveying -Estimation

    Practical information for Quantity Surveyors by Joglekar MES.pdf Hope this book is useful for some.
  4. madhavapadiyar

    A Ready Reckoner For Quantity Surveyors

    Hello friends, Hope this book is helpful for QS & Site engineers .
  5. Tanuj

    Looking for an Internship !

    My Name is Tanuj.Pusa I pursing my Masters Degree in Structure Engineering I am looking for Internship in Construction Industry at Hyderabad and also i am looking for opportunity of internship in this areas Structure Designing, Quantity Surveying, Drafting , 3D modelling, Project Management...