staad pro

  1. garrytaylor

    What kind of software is available for bridge design?

    When it comes to the design and analysis of any construction, Staad Pro and CSI are comparable to the top tools. Therefore, in my opinion, the greatest software for designing bridge decks is staad Pro. Please advise which programme is best for me and how to use it to my advantage.
  2. V

    Hi, My Name is Vivek. I am structural engineer. Founder & CEO at Nodes Automations.

    I am Structural Engineer with Passion for Automation and Programming. I Specialize in Automation for Structure Engineering Problems like Automated Model Generation for STAAD/Midas Civil/ETABS, Results Extraction from STAAD/Midas Civil/ETABS. Automatic Drawing generation for...
  3. T

    Checks for etabs or staad pro models

    Mostly all structural designer prefer analysing building on etabs and staad pro software. But softwares don't check for deflection or story drift so we have to check for deflection manually. What are the different checks according to codes for which model should be checked?