Explanatory work procedures for concrete


Staff member
Sep 7, 2017
The purpose of work procedure is to ensure adequate protection of workers, the public, and the environment, through the consistent, effective, planning, authorization, and release of activity-level work. It covers the seven core functions of integrated safety and environmental management system 1. Define the work 2. Identify and analyze hazards 3. Develop and implement controls 4. Authorize work 5. Release work 6. Perform work within controls 7. Feedback and continuous improvement For all activity-level work performed in or on facilities managed by contractor and the client, including technical and administrative activities, construction, experiments, operations, maintenance, and service. It does not cover project management, scheduling, or budgeting. It applies to all workers (including employees, subcontractors, users, their supervisors; field construction and service managers.

in this attached file you will find the detailed work procedures for concreting