Forum Logo Design Competition - All Can Take Part In It!

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Dnyan Deshmukh

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Forum Logo Design Competition!
Civil4M, Decided to Make First Contest as a Designing of Logo.

What is Civil Engineer?
There is no work in this Universe, which can't be done by them.

Everything is possible for Civil Engineer

Keeping above line in mind, we decided to take this contest.
All registered and valid members of this forum can take part in it.

What you Need to Do?
You need to make a Logo for our Forum which will be displayed on it.

What Kind of logo i Can Design?
You can design any type of logo such as;

Text Logo
Picture logo
Combination of Picture and Text

Can go beyond logo with picture, text and slogan.

How i can make logo?
You can draw it on paper and post its photo at here.
If you are familiar with software's, you can design in that too and post it at here.

What is the timeline for this competition?
Competition starts Today and Will end on 31st Oct 17.

When the name of winner will be announce?
Winner of the contest will be declared in first week of November 17.

What price winner will get?
Winner will get 500/- transferred to him via PayTM + Sponsored Amount if any.

What is Sponsored Amount?
If any member from the forum, wish to contribute to this event by any amount. He /She will be the sponsor of this event and that amount will be given to winner.

I am Interested to Sponsor this event, how i can sponsor?
You need to massage me about it, and transfer the whatever amount you are sponsoring to our PayTM account. Your Name will be displayed in list of Sponsor's of this event.

I am Staff of this Forum, Can i Take part in this event?
All Registered Members can take part in competition, including me

List of Members Who are Sponsoring this Event
Names of Sponsors will be added here with sponsored amount (Contact me, if you wish to contribute)

The Bell has already rang, so you can start designing and post your work by replying this thread.

Total Price Amount = ₹ 500/-

Terms and Conditions:
- You can only post one logo, only 1st one will be consider as entry for competition.
- You can ask for their doubts by replying to this thread.
- You can post reply to this thread to show your interest, as i am interested or whatever you wanted to write.
- Best logo selection will be done by staff of Civil4M and their result will be consider as final.
- We do not wish people to engage in a negative discussions after end of this contest (I too feel bad if i want get selected or don't get price but we can not change the history).
- Have healthy competition, don't abuse other members for the work they did.

I Wish All of You A Very Best of Luck

Thank You!


Dnyan Deshmukh

Staff member
We are looking at the creativity of Engineers!
There is as such no criteria on how they will design it, i already said you can either make
Text logo
Combination of above 2
even go beyond and add slogan in combination.

User can draw it on paper or simply draw it using software.

I consider, all knows about what is logo.

If i am the one who need to create on my concept, i would have taken that done from a vendor.

I want everyone to use their creativity, and make something different.
Making it on some theme may not make it as contest. getting the ideas of peoples will be most powerful and enjoyable for everyone.
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You should read the subject before posting
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Hello Sir,
I am submitting my logo for this forum into two different design. Theme is same but color and design is different. I am not interested in winning this competition ,but Want to give best to my forum. Also i am not much familiar with the software,so tried to put my idea as much as i can.
Thank You.

A New Design.jpg
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Dnyan Deshmukh

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Only one is consider for competition.

First post only, which you feel best.

You can post other too, but it cant be consider as part of competition (Post only if you want).

Dnyan Deshmukh

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how i join this is very good for civil
You are posting here means you already join our forum.

If you are talking about, logo competition
All members can take part in it.
All need to post their created logo at here by attaching and replying to this thread

Last date for submission is 31 Oct 17
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