Question Is PVC pipe placed correctly in shown image?

Feb 3, 2019
Chicago, Illinois (USA)
I see a quite a few issues beyond just the conduits:
--Ganging conduit together should be avoided when possible. Conduits should be spaced to allow complete concrete coverage around them.
--I don't see much tie wire securing the conduits. The buoyant nature of empty conduit in a concrete pour will cause them to have a tendency to float/move in plastic concrete.
--The 2 conduits to the left should be placed inside the grade beam conduit, not over it. Those 2 conduits will likely not have adequate cover if I make the assumption that the top of the slab will be over the grade beam top mat.
--Is it my eyes or is the top rebar mat missing in the center-left side of the slab....?
--I see that red concrete blocks have been used as top mat bolsters - Not good. Top mat rebar needs to be supported using chairs, not bricks.

Great picture quiz, @archdevil We improve our skills by learning from mistakes - Definitely some lessons can be taken from this photo - Cheers!!!


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Apr 17, 2018
PVC pipes laid side by side should have a minimum gap between each pipe by atleast 25 mm, secondly the pvc pipes inserted in the beams absolutely not allowed.

Not mentioning other defects as your question is specific.
Feb 3, 2019
Chicago, Illinois (USA)
why cant this people use cover blocks which provide even surface for laying reinforcement.
Blocks are appropriate for an on-grade installation, like on the bottom of a footing where the area of the block can spread the load over soil or aggregate better than a chair. Chairs are made with flat feet to keep them stable on uneven surfaces.

Blocks are not stable, simple as that. Look at the block on the left side of the picture - It has rolled. I certainly wouldn't want that in my floor slab....