Is stone crusher business beneficial?

Dear All
I want opinion from all of you,i am planning do stone crusher business my question 1) is beneficial to do and what is scope related to construction firm? .
2) is any one provide detail information about this busines pls help me
i am waiting of your valuable reply....

Pawan Dhagate

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Dear Member ,

If you are thinking of getting into this business i want you to ask your self following question
1. Why you have selected this business
2.Have you gain basic knowledge about getting into this business
3.what are the resources i need to develop
4.Have i learnt / experience about stone crusher regarding setup of crushing plant , capacity , storage , manpower , sales , legal licenses
5. Long term strategy

Sir ,

If you are entering without knowing the answers than i will restrict you to wait and learn first . Now the thought of entering into this business came to your mind means you are holding good financial status . This business runs in crocres not in lakhs . In todays competitive world aggregates manufacturing have to undergo maximum number of legal licenses more than 18 .
Moreover it should have good customer base like credits are more in this business . Bad debts leading to hurdle in this business . There are many aspects n prospects in this business . I am not disappointing you that this is difficult business to do but i want you to retrospect your questions and try to learn more from similar persons in this business.


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