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i am the final year student of civil engineering and i need some topics related to structure for project...
Structural relocation
Dawood israr
Dawood israr
More topics are required related to structural ,we will submit our topics list to faculty...
Can u Share msp 2 and 3 part..i have 1 and 4 part and not able to find others... is my mail id
Everything available in content,you can search it.
I have emailed you the complete step by step guide to MSP. Hope it helps you.
The commonly used lime in white washing, is ?
(A) White lime
(B) Fat lime
(C) Hydraulic lime
(D) Quick lime
Class A- Eminently Hydraulic lime used for structural purpose

Class B- Semi- Hydraulics lime used for masonry work.

Class C- Fat lime used mainly for finishing coat in plastering, white washing and with suitable admixture such as surkhi or any other pozzolanic material to produce artificial hydraulic mortar
I looking for change my job, ant opportunity please let me, i have 3.2 year's experience, now i Odisha, nem engineering projects Pvt Ltd, steel and power plant project construction,
Contact number,
This is my mail ,

Thanks & regards.
Rajagopal N
Shall I know why you want to leave nem company?
Rajagopal 93
Rajagopal 93
I want to learn my ability, and growth my careers, so
hello, sir. I'm interest in own making house plan. How to learn that? plz any notes or pdf do u have send me sir. I'm interest to make own house plan.
Can I get quality finish acceptance for flooring , plastering, door & Windows, slopes in balcony and wet areas, celing undolation, tile lippage, share variation, hardware finish
Hello, am vamsi Krishna mastered in structural engineering having an experience of 1.4 years worked on structural valuation, roads execution but I am looking for structural design job. anyone plzz help me for that, I am having excellent
through out my academics 9.2cgpa (mtech). Am really looking forward to show my talent and showcases my skills, you will not regret if u provide me a chance. vollavamsikrishna@gmail.
Dawood israr
Dawood israr
God bless you and designing is very best line in civil ,u try to go to GULF for job and i want to contact to u..
I am making mini project I want to to know which topic shall I take which have scope now ?? Anyone help me
Dawood israr
Dawood israr
i am also the bachelor student ,u have any about the new topics for project in structure..