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    How to repair columns ?? refer this procedure
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    Rising up like a skyscraper.

    Rising up like a skyscraper.
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    Anyone have metro station work boq ?

    Please find the attached Design & construction of five Elevated stations at Koyambedu, CMBT, Arumbakkam, Vadapalani and Ashok Nagar- KK Nagar on Corridor 2 for Chennai Metro Rail Project Phase -I This is only for reference
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    how much deduct steel quantity in concrete quantity.

    NO deduction will be done due to reason that concrete after compaction it releases air entrapped in the concrete. 2% of air will be removed from concrete after compaction. This removed air quantity and occupied by reinforcement is equal in quantity. Due to above reason, deduction is not being done.
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    what is the capacity of tractor trolley used in excavation ? how much cubic meter it can do in one hour?

    Normally tractor trolly standard measurement will be 10feet(Length) x 8feet(Width) X 1feet(Depth) = 80cft = 2.265cubicmeter Hope this answers your question.
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    Please explain the procedure and calculation of plate load test with excel formula sheet

    Plate Load test to Calculate Safe Bearing Capacity of Soil Plate load test is performed to determine the ultimate load bearing capacity of soil over the in-situ conditions. The plate load test is mandatory in case of designing foundation over the sandy and clayey soil. This test gives the...
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    What is the procedure to drilling Bore well for water ?

    Can i know the total procedure involved Bore well work like: 1. Groundwater exploration 2. Groundwater identification technique 3. Bore well point marking 4. types of Drilling Techniques 5. Motor selection and Installation.
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    Needed a risk register for construction project

    Thank you I'm happy that you liked it
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    Needed a risk register for construction project

    Risk Management in Construction Project Networks Construction projects are characterized as very complex projects, where uncertainty comes from various sources5. Construction projects gather together hundreds of stakeholders, which makes it difficult to study a network as a whole. But at the...
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    Demolition Work Presentation

    The Presentation involves : Demolition Techniques Demolition by machine Demolition by explosives Advanced techniques Demolition sequence Dismantling techniques Safety precautions
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    please find the attached document for test for Quality plan
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    Electrical Work sequence

    I hope This information is Helpful Method of Conduiting, Box Fixing & Internal WIRING
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    How many square meters / cum one mason can do in a day for brick work / plaster work / painting work / Floor&dado tiling work in a building project ?

    Please find the attached IS CODE for Standard Labour Productivity i think it will be usefull