Demolition Work Presentation

Rohith Rao

Junior Member
The Presentation involves :
Demolition Techniques
Demolition by machine
Demolition by explosives
Advanced techniques
Demolition sequence
Dismantling techniques
Safety precautions


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Something worth highlighting - Worker exposure to silica dust has become a very prevalent issue in the past few years as silicosis and lung-related ailments have been linked to repeated exposure to construction site dust (concrete demolition, sawcutting, pavement milling & grinding, etc.). Construction labor & engineers must be diligent in reducing/eliminating their exposure to dust whenever possible.

Dust controlled watering and vacuums are typical operational methods for reduction/elimination, but worker PPE such as respirators should always be made available when conditions exist that might not be containable by operational methods. We want everyone on our construction sites to go home to their families at the end of their work shift and have long, healthy careers in our industry.

Do your part to be proactive with your co-workers and those on your sites. Educate them on the hazards. Provide them with the proper PPE. Develop ways to reduce/eliminate exposures - Stay Safe Always!!