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  1. Dnyan Deshmukh

    Gradation of Aggregates and its importance in Mix Designing

    Concrete mix designing is a vital part of any construction activity. Why we do mix design when proportions for material are listed in IS codes for various grades? The listed mixes have more cement content than required and have fix properties like workability, retention time etc. In order to...
  2. Srinivasan


    Gravels, stone and sands form the granular structure, which must have its voids filled as completely as possible by the binder glue. They makeup approximately 80 % of the weight and 70–75% of the volume. Optimum use of the aggregate size and quality improves the concrete quality. Aggregates can...
  3. Dnyan Deshmukh

    Aggregate Impact Value

    Ref : IS : 2386 (Part IV) Purpose : To determine the aggregate impact value. Preparation of test sample: a) Take a sample of aggregate passing through 12.5mm sieve and retained on 10mm sieve. b)...
  4. Dnyan Deshmukh

    Aggregate Crushing Value

    Ref : IS : 2386 (Part IV) Purpose : To determine the crushing value of aggregates. Significance : The aggregate crushing value gives relative measure of the resistance to...