1. Dnyan Deshmukh

    Compressive Strength Test of Cement

    Compressive Strength Test of Cement Ref : IS : 4031 (part VI) Purpose : To determine the compressive strength of cement Significance : Compressive strength of cement helps in determining grade of cement, in calculations of...
  2. Dnyan Deshmukh

    How Cement is made - Insight of Cement Plant

    Cement It is made up of limestone by crushing it into powder and modifying its some properties. Strength of the cement mainly depends on the quality of lime stone quarry. Blackish limestones have better properties than whitish limestone. It does not mean a faint color cement lack in strength...
  3. Chetan Yadav

    In 1 cum how many number of 50kg cement bags required

    If You really Ask me, then let me tell you. The number of cement bags per cum of conrete depends on Your Concrete Mix Design. Mix Designing is done to achieve a specific characteristic of Concrete like compressive strength, durability etc. Characteristic of concrete depends on design of...