13 Easy steps to upgrade your resume that employers will love to see


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That time of the year is here when a fresh batch of college graduates start looking for professional opportunities. The first step in that direction involves having a kickass resume. Now that everyone is applying for jobs online, it’s extremely important that your resume reflects your work experience and achievements in a presentable and brief manner. Even if you aren’t a fresher, and are looking for a job switch, check out these resume building tips that will come in handy. We are happy to help.

1. Remove Objective
Writing objective in your resume is old news and you need to get rid of it. Also, it limits your employer’s understanding of your work experience.

2. Have A One Page Resume
No one has the time to read a 2-3 page essay on someone else. So keep it simple and keep it brief. Make sure that your resume is just one single page.

3. Use Bullet Points
Brevity is an art and it’s appreciated too. To do that, you need to make best friends with bullet points and use them wherever required instead of writing long paragraphs.

4. Use Hyperlinks
Using appropriate hyperlinks gives you an edge. If your work or achievements have been published anywhere online, make sure you use hyperlinks while mentioning those on your resume.

5. Save Your Resume With Your Name
Always, always save your resume with your name. For example - if your name is Dwight Schrute, save your resume as - DwightSchrute_Resume. Employers get thousands of applications. They can’t keep naming and renaming the files you send them online.

6. Use Info graphics, But Don’t Overdo It
It’s a good idea to use minimal info graphics on your resume, but don’t overdo it. Your resume needs to look professional and presentable.

7. Follow Chronological Order
By chronological order we mean, arrange the events on your resume in order of occurrence in time, going from your last job to your first job.

8. Refurbish Your Resume For Different Jobs
Different jobs have different key responsibilities areas, so you need to make sure that you refurbish your resume according to each job you are applying for.

9. Proofread
Proofreading is the key to having a perfectly written resume. It’s important that you read and re-read your resume over and over again to make sure there’s no error. You can ask others to proofread your resume for you.

10. Eliminate High School Information
If you aren’t applying for a job right after completing your school, eliminate the high school information. No one wants to know what you did in school. Employers are interested in what you are doing currently.

11. Mention College Internships, Not Projects
If you have had on-field experience in your respective industry, mention only your college internships and not projects. Make sure you keep it brief. If it’s for your first job, you can elaborate on your internships and even few important projects.

12. Always Take A Printed Copy To The Interview
Yes, we are entering the paperless world, but it’s always a good idea to carry a printed copy of your resume with you. The employer can refer to it then and there and it also shows that you prepared for your interview.

13. Always Send PDF Copies When Applying Online
There are times when people send Word files, and well, the formatting gets messed up. So save your resume as PDF and then send it for reference.