Basic Tutorial on Primavera P6 software usage


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Primavera P6 is Best Tool for Project Planning & Management.

The attached tutorial consist of;
General Introduction about Primavera.
Certain Planning & Project Management Concepts and its usage in Primavera .
Interactive - Step – by Step Approach in Primavera 6.0
I. Opening Project.
II. Creating a new Project.
III. Understanding and Creating – EPS.
IV. Understanding and Creating – OBS.
IV. Understanding , creating & Assigning – WBS.
V. Creating Calendars.
VI. Creating & adding activities.
VII. Assigning Duration.
VIII. Sequencing Activities.
IX. Scheduling Activities & Understanding Float.
X. Assigning Resource / Resource Histogram.
XI. Assigning Cost / S- Curve.
Xi. Create Baseline Program.
XII. Comparing Planned Vs. Actual.
XIII. Customizing Projects & Reports.

Download Tutorial on Primavera P6 software usage from below attachment.


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If anyone have M.S.Project of the latest version document and with description with step and step procedure they can share. I have quite a good knowledge but still I want to improve it further.


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every construction professional aware that the project management planning has been prepared in m.s.project and primavera. a broad outlay of primavera is explained in the attached presentation

Didn't such a nice material in the internet. Thanks Mr.Archdevil for uploading this file.