Can any one give me rate analysis for VDF flooring its will be very help full for me?


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i nee rate compression for for VDF flooring in CUM vs Sqm.

Dear Friend,

Based on the grade of concrete you are going to use ( earlier M-20 was used however nowadays due to use of crushed sand instead of river sand generally M-25 grade is recommended for all VDCF.) so take quotes from RMC vendors to get the basic material cost for the concrete.

Labour cost inclusive of machinery ranges from Rs 15 to 25 per sqft based on the grade of the contractor doing VDCF. (Vacuum Dewatered Concrete Flooring)

If you are using hardeners then add another Rs 4 to Rs 6 per sqft.

Polypropylene fibers would cost you another Rs 2-3 per sqft and

if want to further stamp the concrete top surface then it will cost you Rs 8-10 Sqft.

So based on your location let us know how much cost per sqft you are able to get for the VDF.

Please note that its mostly recommended having the thickness of the VDF ranging from 75mm to 100mm to be cost-effective and at the same time durable.

Please also consider bond coat cost incase you want to use the bond coat, as some consultants recommend, however, in my opinion, it's not required if you are using a high-pressure water jet cleaning for the subbase.