Causes of PPP projects failures

PPP/PFI was considered as a good way to procure, finance and operate public infrastructures. However, PPP projects are facing huge failures in both developed and underdeveloped nations. Which is clear from the UK termination of this method. With my country (Oman) movement towards implementing PPP in infrastructure, it’s very important to identify the causes of PPP. I would be very grateful and thankful if you can enlighten me with your experience by filling the survey below. I was supposed to distribute this survey as a hardcopy, however, due to the recent epidemic, I cannot do that. It should take about five minutes of your time and responses are voluntary and will be confidential. Filling this survey means a lot to me, I only need 20 more responses to complete the required sample for my bachelor’s degree. Please I would be very thankful to you.​


Thank you so much :)