Checklist for Verification of Design of Fire Protection System

Checklist for Verification of Design of Fire Protection System
Checklist of verification of fire protection system designs includes following points and it should be reviewed and noted for compliance and non applicability.

Points to be checked for Designing of Fire protection system;
  1. Have appropriate criteria been selected and used?
    • UFC 3-600-01 Fire Protection Engineering for Facilities
    • International Building Code (IBC) Latest Edition
    • Life Safety Code (NFPA 101) Latest Edition
    • National Fire Protection Association Codes and Standards, Latest Editions
    • Other National Codes or Standards
  2. Has a building code analysis been performed?
    • Type of construction
    • Height and area limitations
    • Building separation or exposure protection.
  3. Classification of occupancy determined?
    • Per International Building
    • Per NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
    • Identify the various occupancies and hazardous areas associated with the facility
  4. Compliance with UFC 3-600-01 and National Fire Codes.
  5. Requirements for building structural components are properly reflected in design
    • Fire-rated
    • Fire-rated
    • Fire dampers with their fire-resistive ratings
    • Smoke compartmentation
    • Smoke barriers
  6. Egress components in accordance with NFPA 101, Life Safety Code?
    • Number of Exits
    • Remoteness of Exits
    • Travel Distance
    • Dead End Corridors
    • Common Paths of Travel
  7. Analysis of automatic sprinkler systems and suppression systems and protected areas, including hydraulic analysis of required water demand.
  8. Fire system appropriately designed?
    • Water distribution
    • Water storage Tanks
    • Fire pumps and power supplies
    • Location of fire hydrants
  9. Smoke control methods and smoke control systems are appropriately designed.
  10. Fire alarm systems appropriately designed?
    • Type of alarm system (direct current; addressable; analog addressable)
    • Location of the fire alarm control equipment
    • Mass Notification System
    • Location of speakers, fire strobes, and Mass Notification Strobes
  11. Fire detection system
    • Type of detection system
    • Location of detectors
  12. Connection to and description of base fire alarm reporting system.
  13. Manual Fire Suppression Systems.
    • Standpipe systems
    • Portable fire extinguishers
  14. Interior finish ratings.
  15. Coordination with security and anti-terrorism requirements
  16. Fire Department access