Civil Construction Method of Statement for each activities

dear friends,
i hereby requesting you all, if you can please share Construction method of statement for each activities (word file).
Check the forum in depth..check total quality section.refer method will find all.have patience.use the search Wii find all.dont expect nothing can be mouth deeded.learn how to study the forum and it's content which is explanatory

Dnyan Deshmukh

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You can find posted method statement for various activities in below section.

in case you wont find the one for which you are looking for, you can always post regarding requirement by posting on specific activity with some specifications, so one could might help you on same.
Method statement is the procedure of any activity, based on standard norms and regulation based on contract agreement between both parties . It is based on the specification of given or I.S.Standard or CPWD whichever is applicable to be followed.
Method statement is to be prepared in advance before starting of any Activity.
Method statement to be prepared by the Quality control Engineer or Manager and its to be approved by concern authority of the person/client/ Consultant/ department involved in a particular project.
Method statement is that how to start and complete a particular work/ activity, by using relevant documents like check list, related Good for construction drawings, Manufacturer instructions, safety procedures, codes, materials those are going to use, equipment, Tools are required, are to be defined.