cracks on screed concrete over waterproofing layer(PU layer+Polytheen sheet+50mm screed concrete) its natural or not?


Protection Layer For Horiz and vertsurService Long Text :
Protection Layer For Horizontal and vertical Surface:Screed M20 grade with 12mm recron &waterproofing compound of 50mm(Avg.) minimum thickness to be placed by protecting btm surface with200micron Polyethylene Sheets /Geo textile membrance (120-200 GSM asper mfg recomendation laid over polyurethane waterproofing membrane.
The Panels of screed to be maintained maximum size2 M x 2 M orotherwise specified by client with a min slope of 1:100......and sloping of PCC as per drawing. #Hydro test to be done after completion of curing period.

Above specification work is going on but cracks developed over screed plz suggestion or its quit natural???
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1.Cracks will be developed if Panel wise cutting delay in screed concrete , should be within 7days after concrete,
2. If initial curing delay cracks will be developed in later stage
3. W/c ratio also plays critical role in concrete , if increase cracks develop
4. If Concrete layed in High temperature then cracks develop
5. Panel joints groove to be filled by PU sealant , then thermal expansion and contraction will takes place other wise cracks develop