detailed rate analysis method for shuttering work.

Rate Analysis

At various stages in the project management, we need to know
  • how much is cost of executing unit amount of the work,how many equipment or labour are required to execute unit amount of an item of work.
These things are required for the purpose of eliminating cost of construction, material planning, labour and equipment allocation in the scheduling etc. Obtaining the cost of unit amount of an item is called rate analysis. To obtain the rate of an item, generally following cost are considered.
  • cost of material,,cost of labour,cost of equipments, plant tools etc.,overhead cost,profit
find enclosed hereewith my detailed rate analysis for shuttering work. this is purely based on my experience and ste conditions and the material rate. This will differ according to your experience, working conditions, material price and various other situations. you have to derive your own cost. this format can only be treated as a template and not as a final.

in due course of time i might post detailed cost analysis for a project exclusive of drawings as the drawings are governed by the copyright act.


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