Answered Different Area Concept in Construction and Their ratios

Pawan Dhagate

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Sep 8, 2017
As these terms are all different in Architectural aspects but can be simplified as follows :
Construction area : Complete area of project covered in area of plot development

Builtup Area : Area approved by authority after considering DC rules.

Carpet area : This is the area where the space will be utilized excluding walls terrace stairs balcony.

Saleble area : Area which is selled off to customer with official agreement including area of loading amenities facility etc
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Sachin Dhere

Sep 20, 2017
I understand the concept.
May i know what is proportion / conversion factor / relation in between in percentage / loading factors ?
For Example 100 Sft is construction area and FSI is 1.
Then built up area is 100%, Carpet Area is 85%, Saleble area is 150% of built up area as such