Do students realize how hard it is to become a professor at a University?

I find a lot of students who get into top universities such as UMich, Harvard, UPenn (Ivy’s and public Ivy’s)and other top schools are naive with how hard it is to actually get a job as a professor at any university on top of that, the “best” universities.

I remember talking to a junior who was at Columbia and her cousin got a job at University of Cincinnati as an Assistant Professor at age 29. Basically trashed talk that they were not good enough to be a professor at Harvard or something. Now I myself, graduated from one of the top 5 schools in the world and I’m teaching my first job at a school ranking about 100-150 In the world. Some may find it off, but honestly there was only 1 job available for my field for 3 years now.
What are you experiences?
Do you think students who go to top colleges have unrealistic expectations about where their first job might land?
Many who go to top unis like Harvard think their options to teach mean only other Ivy leagues or top public ivys, what is this snobby attitude?