Eco Friendly Cellular Lightweight Concrete Blocks - KALMATRON® ADMIXTURES


Jun 1, 2019
Eco Friendly Cellular Lightweight Concrete Blocks - KALMATRON® ADMIXTURES
Completely Non-toxic "GREEN"Material "Environmentally Friendly"
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Kalmatron® Admixtures are not based on crystalline technology but on the complete Hydration of the cement gains increasing the yield of the cementitious gel per batch. Kalmatron® is also patented in the US and internationally.
Cellular Lightweight Concrete blocks (CLC) are a good GREEN substitute for traditional concrete hollow blocks for several reasons.

It is completely safe for the environment, as there is no CO2 emission and no harmful leaching.

Cellular Lightweight Concrete blocks (CLC) are a good GREEN precast concretelight wall panel By KALMATRON® KF-ASH.
There are No Foaming agent require.
Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste generated, recycled aggregates (RA) produced from C&D waste and their utilization in concrete and governmental initiatives towards recycling of C&D waste. Also with the liquid version of KF-Ash, called K100ASH, up to 70% IIW cement substitution is possible.
The lighter concrete, the costly it per square foot of the wall. Light-weight concrete is the most developed in the modern wall building industry. Dominating volume of big pores and enough strength make light-weight concrete widely used in southern countries. These walls are light and have good thermoresistance, but still need to be water protected and maintainance is expensive to keep required durability.

In both cases, the principle of air-heat resistance is used. As shown below, the best results for thermoresistance, waterproofing and durability could be achieved by a combination of heavy weight concrete durability with the high thermoresistance of light weight concrete. In developing ºBLOCK another modification has been designed for building of underground/ underwater walls capable of protecting enclosed accommodations by impermeable and thermoresistant structure.
Lightweight Concrete blocks KF-ASH provides maximum of cementitious value to concrete mix and prevents leaching of unstable phases from IIW by encapsulation of insoluble impurities. It increases the field of IIW utilization for chemically, biologically or organically contaminated raw materials.
The lighter concrete block, the costly wall: BLOCK ECONOMY :
Provides cement reduction by up to 20%. It is a water reducer and plasticizer.
Application temperatures range from -4 degrees Fahrenheit up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. No curing is needed, no other admixtures are necessary.
We do not use resin/Polymers + Fillers not at all. . No curing was needed under sun heat at 130°F.
Lightweight concrete has several advantages associated with their applications:
Fire resistant
Thermal insulation
Sound absorption and Acoustical Insulation
Environmental Friendly
Termite proof and resistant towards freezing issues.
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