Electrical Conduits in Slab


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Maximum Size of Electrical Conduit which can be installed in the RCC Slab?

I am getting the Size of Electrical Conduit as 50 mm in the RCC Slab of 150 mm. I want to know, whether it is advisable to use the same or i have to re design the Electrical Conduit

Chetan Yadav

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Well it depends on the rcc design, is it consider during design or not.

In general pvc pipe coduit of max size 25mm is used for coduiting.

If you are using it as a sleeve to form a cutout in slab u can use any size pipe.

I wont advice u to use such high size pipe in this thick slab

Chetan Yadav

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See basic principle, there is a center line above which concrete is in compression and below in tension.

Concrete do not take tension.

It is taken by reinforcement steel.

So below center we can have anything, technically.

U can have 10 rows of conduits in series, keep at least 25 mm gap in between them to facilate concrete flow.

Concrete protects reinforcement from getting rusted.

Hope your doubts got cleared
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