Environment and Safety Management Measures at Construction Project

Environment and Safety Management Measures at Construction Project
The developer shall will ensure that the implementing agency and/or its contractor fully abide by the required legal requirements, including adherence to labour laws such as Building & Other Construction Act, Minimum Wages Act, Child Labour Act, Equal Remuneration Act, etc. Some key environment and safety requirements that need to be enforced and monitored include the following:

• Provision and enforcement of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as relevant to the needs of the work.
• Ensuring proper safety precautions during erection, use and dismantling of temporary structures such as scaffolding's.
• Ensuring proper barricading and delineation of work sites.
• Ensuring that the required electrical, fire and mechanical safety practices are followed during various construction operations.
• Ensuring provision of safe access and working platforms for workers and supervisors.
• Display of information on Minimum Wages.
• Provision of accommodation for workers as per norms.
• Provision of proper potable water supply arrangements for workers.
• Provision of sanitation arrangements (toilets, urinals, bathrooms) for workers (including separate ones for women workers, as required).
• Provision of first aid and emergency response arrangement.
• Minimization of wastage including reuse and recycle of materials, as possible.
• Proper stacking and disposal of waste materials (including proper segregation, storage and disposal of any toxic and hazardous wastes).
• Use of acoustic jacket for generators to be used during construction work.
• Ensure proper and safe storing/stacking of construction material.
• Provide for silt control measures, if there are any streams/water bodies in the vicinity.
• Proper planning and sequencing of construction activities to reduce/minimize disturbance to students.

These requirements should be clearly identified in the contract documents
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