Factors Affecting Selection of Construction Equipments

Pawan Dhagate

Staff member
Dear Member ,

Please ellaborate your query in order to answer you in proper aspects . As per your statement i would like to respond as :

  • Use of machineries in construction helps achieve better quality ,better speed and reduction in manual labour .
  • These machineries required at various stages of work can differ with every project depending upon its scale and scope of work .
  • The civil engineers at the site should have thorough knowledge of the utility value of the machineries ,their working and how to maintain them .
  • There shall be proper plan to fetch out maximum output effficiently
  • Project scheduling and bar charts may not yield results if the working machineries fails .
  • Machineries failure may lead to idle time of human resource .
  • Careless handling of delicate machineries often lead to unpredicted stoppages in the work progress ,idle labour and increase in the cost of construction .
  • It is must for every engineer on site ,to observe the perfect maintainance for each machine .
I hope you have got some of the idea about resolving yours queries . If not please write in details for more clarification .