Firefighting Design Calculations as per NFPA


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Sep 21, 2017
Firefighting Design Calculations as per NFPA The National Fire Protection Association
Doing a designing of fire fighting system is a most important part in any construction to ensure the safety of the peoples during usability of structure.

fire fighting buckets.jpg

The attached fire fighting design excel sheet contain following;
Steps involve in design calculations
- Determine the system type and configuration
- Determine the hazard class of occupancy
- Determine the area protected by each sprinkler
- Determine the type of sprinkler used in each area, get K factor
- Determine pipe sizing method
- Pipe schedule method
- Hydraulic calculation
- Determine the area of sprinkler operation (ft2)
- Select a hydraulic design density (gpm/ft2)
- Calculate minimum flow and pressure at the hydraulically most demanding sprinkler
and sheets for doing all above steps.

The fire fighting design calculation sheet is attached below.