Fundamentals of Project Management


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Sep 21, 2017
Project Management Fundamentals


We are covering the following chapters under it
Understand the basic concepts of Project management
Have a practical orientation
Apply project management tools and techniques to their own projects
Lesson 1: Foundation Concepts
Lesson 2: Project Life Cycle
Lesson 3: Project Initiation
Lesson 4: Requirements Management
Lesson 5: Project Planning
Lesson 6: Scope Management Work Breakdown Structure
Lesson 7: Organization Structures
Lesson 8: Project Risk Management
LESSON 9: Communication
LESSON 10: Time Management
LESSON 11: Cost Management
LESSON 12: Procurement Management
LESSON 13: Project HR Management
LESSON 14: Project Execution, Monitoring & Control
LESSON 15: Project Closing

The attached presentation shall be useful those who are interested in perusing their career in construction or project management