How to confirm material and check quality of teakwood door shutter ?


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Following basic test at site
Check the Dimension ,corners of shutter,
Surface should be uniform
Gentle Knocking should produce even sound need to check for void.
Clean surface of shutter with wet cloth to check varnish quality.

The door shutters shall be subjected to the
following tests, in the order listed below:
a) Dimensions and squareness test
b) General flatness test
cl Local planeness test
d) Impact indentation test
e) Flexure test
f) Edge loading test
a Shock resistance test
h) Buckling resistance test
j) Slamming test
k) Misuse test
m) Varying humidity test
n) End immersion test
p) Knife test
q) Glue adhesion test
r) Screw withdrawal resistance test
It may be noted that while all tests on all types of
doors may not be necessary, only the required tests
on different doors may be performed for performance
evaluation, which are given in the individual
specification on door shutters.The door shutters for
the tests shall not be painted/varnished.
The test specimens shall not have been exposed
to a temperature below 4°C for 24 hours immediately
preceding the test and shall be free from all visible
moisture. The specimen shall be inspected and any
specimen with visible flaws shall be discarded.
If any test specimen fails because of mechanical
reason, such as failure of testing equipment or
improper specimen preparation, it shall be discarded
and another specimen taken.
You can take sample of wood/Engineering wood for pre material testing as per -
IS 4020-1 to 16 (1998): Door Shutters - Methods of Tests