How to select Graduation and Post Graduation Programme ?

Tejas Jain

Senior Member
You are going to invest time and money so you don't want to end up graduation or master's course that is not right for you.
Here are some points to consider while selecting course.
1. Passion - Always make career choices based on your interest and likes. Ask yourself whether postgraduate study will help you with your specific career goals.
There are some subjects which you are always interested in and can study for long hours. so accordingly choose your specialisation. Just don't go for particular subject because someone has suggested course.
2. Colleges - Choose colleges according to their subjects offered in the course. Some colleges update their syllabus in every 2-3 years by consideration of Industrial demand. Talk with senior students. Ask them about faculty, placement results and campus life. Also talk with faculty to know about their experience and their field of research.
3. Research the course - Attend seminars conducted by industries and institutes. They will give you inside reviews regarding industry and challenges in particular work. Don't rely on all online reviews as they might give you false analysis regarding particular college or course. Go through the syllabus before taking admission as it will give you idea regarding subjects.
4. Do it for right reason - There are courses which are still new in industries and still under development. Some courses are more research oriented and less job oriented. While PhD courses are more research orientated, many Masters are linked to a specific career or discipline. Other courses, such as the Postgraduate Certificate in Education are essential for becoming a teacher. Try to discover which courses will meet with your expectations before deciding if a further degree is the right move.
5. Scholarship offered for particular course - Some courses are funded by government or a company. It will decrease the financial stress.
If you are still confused about your decision try doing internships in different companies as it will give you idea for your job life.
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