How to switch from HVAC/MEP engineering to mechanical design/manufacturing?

I've been working as a mechanical engineer at an MEP firm for about a year and a half now, and while the company is great, I know this isn't the field I want to be in long term. I'm working on updating my resume to start applying for new jobs and having trouble figuring out market myself since the skills I've learned at this firm (Revit & AutoCAD, energy modeling, equipment sizing, etc) doesn't have much application in the types of roles I'm looking to switch into. Before this job I had a 9 month contract at a semiconductor equipment manufacturer where I designed cable harnesses and wiring diagrams. Has anyone had any success transitioning from MEP to a more mechanical design position and how did you market yourself?

Any advice is appreciated!

TLDR: Mechanical engineer with 1.5 years experience in MEP looking to switch to mechanical design/manufacturing. What can I do to stand out or get more applicable experience?