IS code for RMC and specifications

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The significant modifications included are as follows :

a) Rationalization of definitions and addition of definitions for more terms.

b) Requirements for materials brought in line with IS 456:2000 ‘Plain and reinforced concrete — Code of

c) Minimum testing frequencies introduced for aggregates and water.

d) Basis of supply modified to bring it in line with IS 456:2000 ‘Plain and reinforced concrete — Code of

e) Transportation time made uniform to 2 h.

t) Requirement of temperature of concrete deleted.

g) Sampling procedure has been modified.

h) Tolerance limits for workability have been modified.

j) A clause on non-compliance has been included.

k) A detailed clause on production and delivery including plant safety and maintenance and environmental
considerations has been included.

m) A detai!ed clause on quality control has been included.

n) A detailed clause on order processing and training has been included.

p) Detailed provisions on calibration and weighing equipment accuracy has been introduced as Annex E.
For effective implementation of the provisions of the standard, it maybe desirable that the ready-mixed concrete
plants operate their system under a third party certification scheme to ensure operation of a well structured system
and to build confidence in the users of such concrete.
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