Key Aspects for Procurement Chapter I Pre-Qualification

Anoop Nimkande

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Procurement for any services including Suppliers, contractors, consultants, architects, structural consultant have one important critical stage of Pre-Qualification.
Pre qualification is important since the process will nullify any potential future risk with respect to quality, delivery, service, etc.
It basically includes various parameters viz., Experience in Market, similar assignment done, current market potential(overloaded or under loaded), Available ISO certifications, OHSE conformance.
The process starts with circulation of Prequalifcation form to shortlisted list(after discussion with all stakeholders), receipt of details along with relevant backup from all to whom forms were circulated & then comparing them all on the scale of 100.
You may decide the cutoff score before starting the process to make non biased decision for Prequalifying vendors.
The prequalified vendors then can be circulated RFP or Tender Documents based upon the service to be procured.

I would be writing this chapter wise to help new users learn Procurement & Contracts in depth.
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