Presentation on Project Cost Management (PCM)


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Presentation on Project Cost Management (PCM)
What is PCM?
You might think that PCM is managing the "costs" on your project The reality is that you must manage everything else that incurs cost, Because if you don't, the costs will just keep on climbing Whether you like it or not!
Project Cost Management is The placing of responsibility on those in charge of any aspect of the project Example - the managers, designers and implementer s
To perform their respective roles and responsibilities within prescribed limits Specifically, agreed cost allowances or budgets Then collecting cost data and comparing it to the corresponding allowances and taking appropriate management action to contain the final results

The presentation file includes following and mostly clears everything about project cost management;

what is PCM?
How would you define PCM?
What does PCM encompass?
Why bother with cost management?
Why is PCM so important?
The most significant aspect of PCM
The Project Cost Management processes
What Do We Want to Know by Managing Cost?
Cost Management Key Terms
Work Breakdown structure
Estimating Methods
Essential definitions
Cost Budgeting
Cost Types
Important Concepts

Detailed presentation along with examples is attached below.


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