Procedure for Dye Penetration test on welded joints

Procedure for Dye Penetration test on welded joints

Dye penetrant inspection finds hairline cracks
The visible dye penetrant inspection process detects surface connected cracks and other defects, such as circles and holes in all metals.

Clean the surface
Apply the Dye Penetrant(generally it is pink/red color)
Remove excess Dye penetrant
Apply Developer( Generally it is in white color)
Inspect the surface

In case of porosity in the welding the pink color penetrant shall be oozing above the developer indicating the porosive location.
As you find out the porosive location , make the “v”groove in the porosive area and re do the welding as a corrective method.

Detailed presentation on dye penetration test on welding is attached below.


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Dye penetration testing is not only used for weld integrity testing, but it can be also used for checking structural steel for cracks. We keep a dye penetration testing kit in our field offices so we are ready if & when checks are necessary.

A couple of years ago, we had to do dye pen testing on a bridge beam that was struck by several trucks - If you're interested, check out the article:

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