Project Planning and scheduling in M S Project for Road Construction Project


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I have attached, presentation on how to create schedule for Road construction work using M S Project.

Presentation includes following;
Critical path method (CPM)
Preliminary planning
Detailed planning
Job Directive Format
Stages of Detail
Job Directive Information
Rough activities listing
“Topo” project site Establish road grades
LEVEL PLOT Set road alignments
Order gravel Place concrete forms
Clear roadway Clear pad site
Prefabricate forms Create project drawings
Layout pad batterboards Excavate pad footings
Pour concrete Cure concrete
Check pad elevations Check Road grades
Remove forms Perform “As-built”

Sequencing Activities
Types of Activities
Sample Finished Activities List
Gantt chart
PERT chart diagram
Activity On The Arrow Format (CPM)
Activity On The Node Format (CPM)
Logic diagrams elements
CPM diagram logic rules

Activity estimates
Estimating each activities required resources and duration times.
Estimated resources are:

Material estimates
Work Items.
Waste Factors.
Total Material Requirements.
Bills of Materials.

Critical path & critical activities

You have now been given all the tools necessary to use construction management to your advantage to better control how your projects are ran.
Download the presentation from below attachment.


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