Quantity surveyors Roles and responsibilities


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The elements of Civil Engineering, Economics, Finance, Statistics, Valuation, Management and Law together define the role of Quantity Surveyor.

Tasks and Duties
  • Consult with the clients about the cost of building projects
  • Study Architects building plans
  • Measure and estimate building and material costs for projects
  • Prepare reports about projected building costs for clients
  • Administer the tendering process for contractors and subcontractors
  • Visit building sites to monitor to progress and to check that the work is to budget
  • Recalculate costs if the design or material changes
  • Certify progress claims from contractors
  • Prepare a statement of final account recording the actual costs of the project
  • Offer services in value management, comparing building costs to similar buildings.
  • Prepare building feasibility studies
  • Consult with other construction industry professionals
Quantity surveyors can specialize in different areas, contractor quantity surveyors mostly work on estimating building costs, managing building contracts and monitoring construction progress. Quantity surveying practices often focus on offering clients financial advice and estimation services for setting up building contracts. They may also be involved in mediation and arbitration's ween parties about building contracts.

Quantity surveyors need to have
  • Skills in reading building plans and estimating building and material costs.
  • Good oral and written communication skills. Problem solving and negotiation skills
  • Maths and basic accounting skills
  • Good organizational and time management skills