Room Height Calculations for medical administration operation services MOAS


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Sep 21, 2017
I have attached herewith template along with calculations for determining the minimum heights of rooms in hospitals.
The excel sheet includes following spreadsheets;
It have input variable constants which are fixed and to be used within the excel sheet.
Input Template where details of each and every space in hospital to be entered along with;
Relative pressure
Minimum outdoor air flow rate (ACH)
Minimum outdoor air flow rate (LPS)
Minimum Supply air flow rate (ACH)
Minimum Supply air flow rate (LPS)
100% exhaust to be answered in Yes or No
Exhaust air flow rate (ACH)
Exhaust air flow rate (Lps / m2)
Occupancy density (peoples per 100 sqmeter)
Occupancy density inverse (meter square per person)
Outdoor air flow rate (LPS/person)
Outdoor air flow rate by floor area
Air recirculated within the room
Designed relative humidity
Design Temperatures
Typical floor to ceiling height
Types of filtration required
Design light power density
Design equipment power density
It have next sheet of MOAS which has Outdoor air requirements, supply air and exhaust air calculations along with room summary of air flow.
Finally it have output sheet where calculations of room height shown.

Download the excel sheet of MOAS from below attachment.