sewage resolve Isshu.

dear all,
kindly guide as I am facing issue at many of school(Narayana School) here for sewerage raw tank is made (not concert base) in which it gets blocked as water is not getting precepted into ground because of waste slug, any solution. and there is no septic tank and sewage line here

abhishek kaushik
civil incharge

Dnyan Deshmukh

Staff member
Dear Abhishek,

You can core at the top level of the whatever tank build at your project so that the water will flow out just at the top level.

the compartments made in the tank are for settling the waste by reducing its velocity towards the last compartment from which the outlet is provided.

If you do a core at the top level you can install a drain line further to connect it to either municipal drain chamber or the soak pit.

in order to facilitate this works, you can do emptying of the tank by calling sewage collectors. they will suck all raw sewage from the tank into a tanker, then you can start your work to further connection.

i hope the tank is having good length and the flow of the water in the tank if having slower velocities, the waste will settle down in the bottom of the tank and the only water will exit out from the new cored drain line but waste may built up on wall which may choke the line after a period of time, so add one chamber next to tank in drain line for easy maintenance.

To reduce the velocities and ensure settling of the waste nearby inlet wall, make sure inlet pipe in tank is bent downward by installing the bend on that pipe.

For the current observed issues by you, report it to appropriate authorities so that at least in new projects, same mistakes are prevented.