Software for pile cap design as per BS 8110


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Sep 21, 2017

A pile cap is one of the types of foundation that consist of a thick concrete pad that is usually supported by piles. This is commonly used in building foundations with the geographical locations having a very low soil bearing capacity. Pile cap serves to transmit the load of the building into the hard strata of the soil via a pile or group of piles. Design-wise, the pile cap design uses a truss system principle that can be designed using a strut and tie method. Designing a pile cap seems to be complicated because a lot of considerations need to take into account to achieve a safe and sound foundation. These considerations include the proper spacing of each pile, the pile cap thickness and so on. To achieve this can only be done by understanding its design principles and proper detailing of pile caps. The designer’s struggle on pile cap design begins with the consideration of what dimensions or pile cap geometry to assume at first. But knowing the correct pile cap dimensions can be considered as a halfway already in design completion.

The bending moment method has been assumed throughout (as opposed to strut-and-tie).
Rigid caps are assumed. In thin 5 and 6 pile caps, some localised top yeilding may occur above internal piles. If any piles are in tension, proceed with caution.

The design excel sheet attached here consist of Pile cap design as per
Double piles cap
Three piles cap
Four Piles cap
Five piles cap
Six piles cap

It also consist of bar bending schedule for pile caps and drawings.

Software excel sheet for pile cap design is attached below.