Answered time and flow chart schedule civil engineering work ?????


anyone talk full details of time and flow chart schedule civil engineering work ????? and using best software on schedule???


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Dear Mr mani
Regarding project schedule u can use m. S. Project or Prima Vera. For detailed tutorial refer and check in the forum. Based on your project you can create cash flow. In case it is contracting u can derive the inflow based on your quoted price and the quantum you are going to complete for the particular month
Regarding out flow same methodology based on your sub contractor and material procurement price
In case of real estate the inflow base on on your sale and the in come from the payment received from the buyer
Regarding outflow it is based on your contractor rate material procurement price payment towards consultant fees and regulatory charged. For cash flow I don't remember any sift ware. U can create inflow and out flow by creating s cutve
Hope I have clarified your doubts