vital shortcut keys in auto cad


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Sep 21, 2017
AutoCAD: - AutoCAD is computer graphics application package developed in 1980 by Autodesk U.S.A. The word Auto itself derives from the developers corporation of Autodesk while the cad stands for computer added drafting.AutoCAD is a application package cum programming language in their advance version from 1990. As an application package it suited for the engineering purpose designing of almost of the stream of the engineering such as mechanical, electrical.
The AutoCAD servicing the field of engineering and scientific purpose designing along with the DOS operating system. It also runs in the windows operating system.
AutoCAD are available in the different version .The initial version of the AutoCAD is turned as release form 1 to 12. Release were working in DOS operating system environment while the release 13 & 14 supported by window. For the work group and windows 95 operating system. In the implement of internet and script AutoCAD would become a powerful design software in higher version the windows o/s. The AutoCAD now introduce as the year gathering like AutoCAD 2000,2002,2005,2006.and so on.
The uses and Advantages of AutoCAD:
computer added design is basic back bone of the computer added manufacturing. The design parameter supports to a programmable machine for the manufacturing of any design object. It is applicable in both micro and macro manufacturing like the part of the air space to robotics.
Computer added manufacturing becomes more popular due to its fastest speed automatic process high accuracy least row material wastage.
The word infrastructure is now because the mark of development. it includes the versions architecture and civil work like buildings, roads etc. AutoCAD provides the features almost used in the field of engineering and architecture engineering. To make a plan projection, deli-ration interior all the design with the help of AutoCAD. The implementation of a plan used of templates are another advantage of the AutoCAD. Dimension and text support increases the efficiency decency of the drawing
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