Weekly Planning Report format for Construction Project

Weekly Planning Report format for Construction Project
Planning plays a crucial role in the project. The management team always expect the detailed planning and the complete task from the site engineering team.

Notes written on format should be followed;
The Format below is indicative.Respective sites to incorpotate the Heads and items as per their BOQ
Please also incorporate the weekly planning report as was being sent previously.Refer Sheet named "Weekly Planning" in this workbook
Please show the Graphical progress of you site by entering" Y/y" in the completed sheet.Refer Sheet named "Graphical Indication of Progress" in this workbook
Tower 1,Tower 2,etc are shown to indicate that all items are to be recorded in this format.Please add/delete whatever is applicable/not applicable

find enclosed herewith report of mine for one of my project for every one knowledge


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