Weld Strength Calculation.

Oct 3, 2017

Have you ever wondered how to calculate the strength of a Weld ? At times, this is every essential to know. (For example, to determine the load a weld joint can carry )

I believe the below example would help all of you about its know how.

" Supposing that we have been using E6013(grade of welding rod) for the fusion of the metal and then the load calculation will be ;

1. Tensile strength of E 6013 = 60,000 PSI ------------------------------------------------------------(a)
2. 1PSI= 0.0703 Kg/Sq.Cm---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(b)
3. Thickness of weld = 8 mm----------------------------------------------------------------------------------(c)
4. Length of weld = 120 mm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------(d)
5. Weld length area = (120x8)/100= 9.60 Sq. Cm -----------------------------------------------------(e= (cxd)/100)
6. Total Tensile strength of the weld= 9.60x0.0703x60000=40492.80Kg/SqCm----(f= exbxa)
7.Strenght of weld in MT= 40492.80/1000= 40.492 MT/Sq CM--------------------------------(g= f/1000)
8. Consider 10% only as capacity = 4.04 MT.

As per the calculation above, an 8 mmm thick 120 mm long weld using E6013 rod would take 4 MT of loads.

Note: Tensile strength of E 7018= 70000 PSI,

Hope this would help all.