What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying ACM at NICMAR?

i think it will be gud bcs they r brand institutions in india, so it may be possible to get a chance to select in any mnc company
while main pb is tht to study there u have to pay a lot of money....
I think if you will do a job in any mnc company than its good institute at India.
But NICMARC is not UGC approved university and institute is also not AICTE approve so you will not apply any of goverment job.

Anoop Nimkande

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Hi Ratan,

Thanks for posting your question on Civil4M.
Firstly i will tell you briefly about NICMAR, its a institute where Courses are designed particularly for construction professionals, i have done my Post Graduations in Project Engineering & Management in 2014.
ACM is Advanced Construction Management which is corely for Civil Engineers, a brief advantages & disadvantages follows:
1. 100 % Placement
2. Gets every knowledge you need to climb at the best level of the career.
3. No need to outsearch for experts you will get every details about the industry.
4. Package for Fresher 4 to 6 lacs & for Experienced Over & above.

1. Huge Fees around 12 lacs
2. Return on Investments comes after 4-5 years of completion
3. Not suitable for someone from poor background.

Kindly let me know in case of further queries & feel free to contact.

Chetan Yadav

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You get preference for job at any place.
Get higher salary

Its name not gonna save your ass.
If you not able to perform, you will be kicked out.

The standards of this education system in mind of all are high so they expect high quality work from Nicmar passout.

There is as such no disadvantage for studying it, you may have overload on your pockets, if your earning is low.

Tejas Jain

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Advantage :
1. You will get job in MNC with package 5-7 lakhs.
2. You will grow as a person as there are many clubs in the collge. You can join any club according to your interest.
3. Very few colleges offer jobs similar to this collge.

Disadvntage :
1. Last year 100-150 students did not get job. This was due to slowdown in construction industry.
2. Fees are high.